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How can AI support your business?

Artificial intelligence has many faces and it is already the reality of today. Employ artificial intelligence to save effort, time and money. Get inspired by our sample AI solutions.


Chatbots and Voice Assistants

Chatbots and voice assistants can manage thousands of customer interactions daily. We design the architecture and create conversational logic using natural language processing. Our chatbots and voicebots are on the same wavelength as your customers.


Text, Image or recording data analysis

We can read invoice data from an image, analyze a voice recording or sort through emails thanks to machine learning . We can process data in all sorts of formats. Leave your routine tasks up to artificial intelligence.


Full-text and semantic search

We have experience with creation of search engines as well as improving search in client's Elasticsearch databases. Speed up your tasks, get underlying data or monitor websites using our smart search.


Data management and data analysis

Improve your data quality using artificial intelligence. Users are prone to error when entering data. AI is no only precise but can even recognize faulty products, analyze customers or identify risks and generate alerts. We create solutions that will fit your needs.


Predictive analyses

Processing of large amounts of data allows us to forecast financial trends, machine healthiness or optimize machine usage. Let us know what it is you need.


Stylometry and authorship attribution

Stylometry is able to recognize the smallest variations in text. It can be used as a measure of employee mental health, detect fake customer reviews or fraudulent documents. We have been awarded for an authorship attribution system.

Why is AI right for you?


Head towards the future

Digitization of business processes is the baseline for future growth. AI can help you speed up your processes and get ahead of competition.


Efficient data management

Amount of information is increasing and the bottleneck is manpower for data processing. AI can handle large amounts of data and it is precise and reliable.


Business resilience

Companies that operate digitally are less prone to crises. Reduce your dependency on the job market.


Return on investment

AI will allow you to lower your costs and will get you ahead of your competition, which will soon turn into profit.


Time savings

Your employees will not need to burn time performing endless tedious repetitive tasks. They will free up in order to spend time on tasks where their expertise is used to the full.

Why AI check?



We will consult each step with you and keep you informed even if something is not going as expected.


Long-term cooperation

Technologies require constant innovation. Our involvement does not end with the project. We keep in touch and are readily available for further cooperation.


Simple solution

We do not offer overly robust overpriced solutions. Sometimes 10 rows of code can do the trick.


Complex approach

We approach the task in a complex way. We do not focus on isolated functionalities. We provide a complex solution tailored to your needs and ensure that it is well suited as a part of your business processes.



We believe that close cooperation between your team and our team brings the best results.


AI is our passion

We enjoy exploring the ways how AI can be applied in the real world. We will always offer solutions that are state-of-the-art.

How is our cooperation going to work?

  • 1

    Initial business analysis

    We are interested in getting to know your business. We meet and discuss what you do and where you see room for improvement. We are interested in your ideas of cooperation and your short-term and long-term goals.

  • 2

    Solution design

    We identify the processes that can be made more efficient or even automated. Then we propose several ways to approach the solution and you will select the one that is the best fit for your company. The project plan will be created in close cooperation with your team.

  • 3

    Solution prototype

    We create a prototype of the solution for minimal cost and time. At this point you get room to make changes in design and add new functions.

  • 4

    Solution implementation

    We keep your team involved throughout the whole implementation process in order to make sure we are on track meeting your expectations. The final solution is well integrated into your application landscape.

  • 5

    User training and support

    Our project does not end by submitting the code. We provide user training so that your team is able to use the solution to its full potential. You can reach out to us for support at any time.

  • 6

    Further cooperation

    With artificial intelligence there is always room to move forward. Even when you successfully implement our AI solution there may be a way to take it to the next step and make your processes more efficient.

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