How much does it cost to implement AI?

We develop custom AI-based solutions specifically for each client. Every project is unique and the costs depend on a number of factors. Some projects require only a small optimization of existing processes while others need a new robust solution built from scratch.

The cost estimation depends on a variety of factors starting from availability of data, integrations with other systems, types of devices, all the way to team composition and timeframe. We will provide a reliable estimate once we know the details of the project.

Do you have an idea and you do not know where to start? Is there an issue you can't solve? Tell us more about what you would like to achieve and we will design a solution. Once we have a draft of the solution we can provide cost estimation. Give us a call, email us or use our contact form.

Who are our customers?

Anyone who would like to innovate is welcome to be our customer. Our customers may be companies in manufacturing, e-commerce, logistics and many other businesses. We can also cooperate with the academic sector where we can participate on research and development projects.

We can also be subcontractors for other companies that provide IT solutions and we can implement smart components based on AI for them.

In any case, if you would like to digitalize and put artificial intelligence to use let us know.

Is artificial intelligence suitable for anyone?

We believe that any business will benefit from AI if it is implemented in a suitable way. Artificial intelligence can be introduced into many business proceses from administration, logistics, manufacturing to customer service and internal communication.

We always look for an AI solution according to individual needs of our clients. Take a look at our sample AI solutions.

What are our typical projects?

There are many IT companies that have a product and try to fit the product to your needs. Our approach is quite the opposite, we start with your company and your processes and we look for ways how we can help you achieve more.

If we see that there is a product on the market that will suit you we let you know and we can integrate the product into your processes. Our aim is not to create separate islands of functionality but instead create ecosystems where information flow freely and are used to their full potential.

Can you use any agile methodology and how does it differ from a fixed price project?

Our cooperation will be set up according to your needs and preferences. It may be a fixed price project where we provide estimations of all the components and a project plan with set milestones in the beginning.

Or we can use agile approach. We are happy to use a specific agile methodology if you have a preferred one.

How much do you charge for the initial consultation?

Initial consultations are free of charge. We are happy to hear about your company or product and we can discuss the options of AI implementation. To book a consultation give us a call, email us or send us a message using our contact form.

How long does it take to implement an AI solution?

Implementation of AI solutions can take a month or even a year. It always depends on the project size. However, our cooperation does not end by delivering the solution. Technologies need constant maintenance and innovation and therefore we would like to cooperate in the long-term. Check out how how our cooperation is going to work.

What if the solution fails to work after a while?

We value long-term cooperation. Technologies need updates and innovations and that is why we make ourselves available for you even after the project delivery.

Are we going to need an employee dedicated for AI maintenance?

We create new solutions in a way that they are integrated well into your existing processes. Cooperation with your team is important for us and we will teach them how to use the new technology. Even after project delivery you can always reach out to us for support.

Or we can help you put together your own AI team.

Isn't it better to buy a product?

Our services are unique in the fact that we look for a solution specifically for you that will meet your needs and will smoothly integrate in your current operation. This may not be the case when you implement a finished product. However, if there is the right product for you on the market we are happy to use it and help you with its implementation. We don't want to create a new product at any cost if it is not needed. We always look for the most efficient and sustainable way to use AI.


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